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I stumbled upon the concept for the Reflexi after my partner and co-creator convinced me to try a foot massage parlor in Chinatown. Initially uncomfortable with the idea and the thought of someone touching my feet, it turned out to be one of the best massages I had ever received. I started thinking about all the activities that put stress on your feet and the number of ailments caused by tip toeing around this issue. My partner and I tried many at-home products and found them ineffective, intimidating and bulky so we decided to make our own, The Reflexi. 
We started creating the shape and mold with play doh, but it didn’t go very well at first. Refusing to quit we kept at it until we finally found the perfect material, silicone. After months of trial and error our first prototype was made. Now it was time to see if it actually worked. Our neighbor who suffered from aches and pains related to flat feet volunteered to try it. Within five minutes he was asking where he could purchase one and we knew we were onto something.
Determined to succeed we went door to door to podiatrists and physical therapists, the response was exhilarating for they had never encountered a product like it. Eventually we were directed to Dr. Emily, an expert in the field who has worked with top shoe brands such as Nike. She excitedly proclaimed the Reflexi as the best at home foot care product on the market for its unique hot and cold therapy capabilities.

After a successful crowd funding campaign to raise capital the first production was completed and we are proud to announce the Reflexi is now available for sale. It has been an amazing journey and we thank all who supported us along the way.

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Some fun facts:
* Play-Doh was used in the initial construction for the Reflexi.
* The design was inspired by a calm ocean wave.
* Terence, co-founder, was skeptical of Reflexology but became an advocate.
* We want you to feel good everyday.
* Health and comfort should not be a privilege but a choice.
* Our products are easy and fun to use, designed to fit into your lifestyle.