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What is Reflexology and The Benefits of Reflexology?

What is Reflexology and The Benefits of Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient skill that is based on applying pressure to reflex points on the feet and hands, which are associated with certain organs, in order to improve their function. It is interesting to mention that Chinese healers have made precise maps of the reflex zones on the hands and feet even 5 millenniums ago. This is exactly the period when the practice of this therapy started. Although reflexology is used the most in Eastern cultures, reflexology is getting quite popular in Europe and America too. In most countries this method of treatment is officially recognized. For example, in Japan, some companies have special reflexology breaks for their employees because they believe that the right type of feet massage can provide extra strength and energy to the body. 

In some places reflexology is used for treatment of some serious diseases like multiple sclerosis. This takes a lot of patience and perseverance because in some cases it takes a whole year to see the first results and the treatment is usually performed once a week.

According to reflexologists, the feet and hands contain a detailed map of the whole body. The left foot corresponds to the left and the right foot with the right side of the body. By applying pressure to reflex points on the feet, the therapist can detect imbalances in some parts of the body and by using certain massage techniques the therapist can stimulate these parts of the body before the these imbalances manifests as a symptom of some disease. Once all imbalances are unblocked, the body returns in balance and the renewed flow of life energy can be felt in every part of the body.

The first reflexology treatment can be viewed as a diagnostic treatment because the pain in some points on the feet shows which of the organs is suffering from some disorders and whether we are talking about acute or chronic phase of the disease. If the pain is sharp and penetrating, this is a sign of an acute problem. Numb pain usually indicates a chronic problem.

For example, by using reflexology we can easily determine whether a renal function disorder is causing damage to hearing or whether the malfunction of the liver has resulted in visual disorders. This therapy combined with essential oils can be used for relaxation, improvement of circulation, revitalization of the body and for many other things.

The combination of reflexology and certain tonics might bring pain relief in deformed feet suffering from knuckles. When people suffering from knuckles change their closed shoes and boots with light summer shoes they feel severe pain. This is exactly where reflexology can help. Reflexology is used to remove blockages by continuously pressing the shortened tendons and muscles. By practicing reflexology for a longer period of time people can expect to see their feed return to their original shape. 

During childhood this method is used for treatment of sinus infections and problems with the spine. If a child falls and hurt their finger you can stop the swelling of that area by pressing certain zones on the feet. Reflexology is used for treatment of almost all organs and most body parts. This method is very successful in treating: sports injuries, headaches, back pain, menstrual pain, circulatory diseases etc.